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Lord of the Rings - Golden Hall Cross Section

The next Middle Earth cross section in my ongoing series.

"On a rocky knoll in the valley below the White Mountains stands a hall celebrating the proud regal lineage of the kingdom of Rohan. Adorned with sculptures of the Rohirrim’s trusted steed and intricate gold inlay, Meduseld, the Golden Hall is the defining building of Edoras. With little fortifications beyond the natural terrain, Edoras was built by Rohan’s second King, Brego son of Eorl the Young, to unify the surrounding villages.

The hall is topped with a straw roof, which gleams golden in the sunlight. Its walls are richly decorated with tapestries depicting the history and legends of the Rohirrim. It serves as a meeting hall, feast hall and house for the King Theoden."

Helms Deep -

Adam middleton 1

Final painting

Adam middleton 2

Night time variation

Adam middleton 3

Comparison with 3D base

Adam middleton 19686503 1528556340498776 1734904178 o

Exploded view of the structural elements

Adam middleton 19531669 1519127008108376 89306132 o

Base layer

Adam middleton 19532742 1519138924773851 2086104536 o

Roof structure 01

Adam middleton 19532864 1519336394754104 1583722837 o

Roof structure 01

Adam middleton 19549560 1520177314670012 119459186 o
Adam middleton 19650031 1527040563983687 1298606499 o
Adam middleton 19244437 1527311327289944 324893474 n

Rough interior render