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Blade Runner 2049 - Trash Mesa

These were again guided by the sequences and camera angles of the pre-vis. The southern coastline of California has become a sprawling wrecking yard for old ships - much like the Chittagong ship breaking yards of today.

Adam middleton 213 qb trm0090 approach to monument valley 06 am

Trash Mesa 01

Adam middleton 216 qb trm0090 approach to mv 07a am

Trash Mesa 02

Adam middleton 222 qb trm0090 transitional zone 08 am

Trash Mesa 03

Adam middleton 224 qb trm0090 transitional zone 08b am

Trash Mesa 04

Adam middleton 227 qb trm0090 transitional zone 08e am

Trash Mesa 05

Adam middleton 214 qb approach to monument valley ship 01 am

Trash Mesa Container Ship Exploration

Weta Workshop - Blade Runner 2049