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Avatar: The Way of Water - RDA Navy Crewman

This particular brief was a special one for me. I’ve got a huge passion of the ocean, having sailed competitively for a large part of my life, so to be able to design a naval costume for the RDA was a total dream come true.

A lot of amazing keyframe designs of the Navy in action had already been done by the Art Department, led by Ben Procter, so Deb Scott (Costume Designer) and I used them as a jumping off point when figuring out how the final costume would come together.

Lots of practical considerations had to be taken, the designs needed to include functioning inflatable life preservers as well as being waterproof as actors were filmed on, and in, the water. It also had to house the Demand Regulator in a secure, yet accessible position, which attaches to the breathing mask.

The final design ended up being a blend of inshore sailing garments and tactical military gear.