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ILM Star Wars Challenge - The Ride - Imperial VIP Command Shuttle

After the destruction of the first Death Star it was clear the Lambda-class T-4a shuttle wasn't going to suit all the needs of the Empire. The Empire were in need of a shuttle that could operate both as a large scale troop transport, heavy cargo carrier or a VIP command station for extended periods of time.

Two SFS-500 sublight ion engines and a hyperdrive, give the Command Shuttle the ability to get anywhere it needs to quickly and efficiently. With configuration options for 4 crew and 5 VIP guests or 4 crew and 40 troops, the shuttle quickly became a widely used craft, on and off the battlefield.

Although not specifically a battleship, the shuttle was still able to defend itself if needed with it's two Taim and Bak KX5 double blaster canons as well as four ArMek R-Z0 heavy blaster canons.

Because of it's large engine size and power, the shuttle was also used in the transport of AT-AT's from Imperial Star Destroyers to the planet of Hoth in Empire Strikes Back.

Adam middleton bad ship 03

Final Keyframe

Adam middleton bad ship 02

Initial Design Sketches

Adam middleton bad ship 01

Rough 3D Model