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ILM Star Wars Challenge - The Ride - A-49 M-Wing

A high speed, high fire power craft favored by the Rebal Alliance for it's reliability in the extremest of climates the galaxy has to offer.

The A-49 M-Wing is powered by two AG-300 sublight ion engines, including an Incom GBk-585 hyperdrive, as well as two 4L4 fusial thrust engines, for increased maneuverability in dog fight situations.

The M-Wing arsenal contains two Taim and Bak KX9 laser canons on the ends of the wings, and smaller higher velocity canons closer into the main fuselage. If that isn't enough, a central Krupx proton torpedo launcher is also fitted.

Adam middleton hoth ship 03

Final Keyframe

Adam middleton hoth ship 02

Initial Design Sketches

Adam middleton hoth ship 01

Rough 3D Model